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Dr.Peter Marshall has worked in the field of psychology for two decades either as a university instructor or a practicing clinician, and has also appeared on radio and television discussing his views on sexuality and assertiveness. Dr.Marshall has also as a member of the National Speakers Bureau, addressed audiences as the keynote speaker and other numerous public speaking engagements.



"I would like to pass on to you the praise that I received for your most informative and entertaining workshop. Participants felt that your workshop was like a mirror on their parenting and yet with the humour we were able to hear about changes they could make to be more effective as parents. Thank you so much for joining us in this event."
Multiple Births Canada

"This year Dr. Marshall spoke to large numbers of educators at our conference and he was one of the best I've heard in the 16 years that I've been involved with our conference. Peter is able to combine a wonderful sense of humour and serious academic research to give his audience optimistic insight into Canada's youth."
Curriculum Conference, Blue Mountain

"We found that Dr. Marshall was able to present the clinical issues and relevant research in a clear and concise fashion while addressing the diversive needs of the various professionals in attendance."
Family Court Clinic Conference

"We were delighted with your address at the Parent Conference. Through evaluation forms, parents showed great enthusiasm for your presentation. Your humorous style was appropriate and well received. Most importantly, your message changed attitiudes and left the audience in a positive and receptive mood. Words used to describe presentation included: uplifting, exceptional, brilliant, and insightful."
City of Hamilton Board of Education

"I would like to thank you for coming to Vernon and putting on two terrific conferences. Your enthusiasm was infectious. On Saturday, you guided participants to look at their own parenting skills and then provided them, in a humourous and concrete way, some new, practical approaches to parenting. Above all, you were reaffirming and encouraging. I still have people stopping to tell me how much they enjoyed Saturday.... The community has truly benefited from your visit."
Community Health Education Action Committee, Vernon, B.C.

"It was refreshing to hear your positive outlook and light-hearted approach to the serious business of raising teenagers. Your message was thought-provoking and your sense of humour kept everyone entertained and interested. You provided us with practical information and realistic examples to help make our life as parents, if not easier, certainly more fun!"
Kitchener-Waterloo Counselling Services

"I would like to thank you for your participation at the recent Parents Show.... The feedback from the parents has been extremely positive."
Today’s Parent Group

"The goal of this annual event is to enhance the profile of psychology within our hospital by informing the staff and physicians about the importance of psychological interventions for a wide range of mental health problems. We believe your presentation has helped us to justify the importance of maintaining a psychology service. The feedback that we have received has been entirely positive"
Psychology Department, Oshawa General Hospital

"I had some telephone calls from people who had attended wanting to know how to locate Dr. Marshall as they were interested in having him present at functions as well."
Counselling Services of Belleville and District

"Dr. Marshall's participation in our conference certainly helped to make it a success. We had many positive comments both verbally and written as to how much his keynote address was enjoyed."
Ontario Family Studies Educators Association


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