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Born in England, Dr. Marshall lived for two years in the Far and Middle East and moved to Canada in 1973. Today, he has his own practice, as well as consulting to children's mental health agencies, family court clinics, and boards of education. He is the author of four books and speaks internationally to a wide variety of professional and lay audiences.



In the course of his career, Dr. Marshall has been a consultant psychologist for sexual abuse programs, an early intervention program for youth gangs, an intensive family therapy unit, and university student counselling and teaching effectiveness programs. He has served on the Board of Directors for divisions of the Elizabeth Fry Society and the Children's Aid Society. Academically, Dr. Marshall has lectured for undergraduate and graduate courses including social and abnormal psychology, psychometrics, statistics, human growth and development, behaviour modification, personality, and human sexuality.

Before entering private practice, Dr. Marshall held positions as an Adjunct Professor in the Psychology and Psychiatry Departments at Queen's University, a psychologist in the Kingston General Hospital, and a clinical consultant to the Frontenac County Board of Education and Kingston's Prison for Women.

He has been widely published on issues including blended families, criminal behaviour in children, anxiety and assertiveness training. He has also been a researcher and educator in the field of sexual dysfunction.

A regular presenter, workshop leader and keynote speaker, Dr. Marshall has spoken to both professional and lay audiences on topics including What's the Matter with Kids Today? A Perspective on Canadian Youth; Two Jobs - No Life? Balancing Work and Home; Resilience and Stress Management; Positive Trends in Education, The Child's Experience of Spousal Violence; Sexual Exploitation via the Internet; Parenting Styles; Teenagers and Their Parents; The Impact of Separation and Divorce on Children; Sexual Abuse of Children; and Assessment of Learning Disabilities.

A father of five, Dr. Marshall lives with his wife and family in Barrie, Ontario.

For details of Dr. Marshall's training, experience, and papers, please see his curriculum vitae.


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