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" With wit and wisdom, Peter gives parents pratical, useful and thoughtful advice to help their teenagers grow into responsible, resourceful, and resilient people who treat themselves and others with dignity and regard."

Barbara Coloroso
Founder of Kids are Worth it!


Two Jobs, No Life
Now I Know Why Tigers Eat Their Young
Sex, Nursery  Rhymes and Other Evils
Cinderella Revisited
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Now I Know Why Tigers Eat Their Young:
ing a New Generation of Teenagers 

You can't talk to them; you can't understand them. At times you even refuse to admit you were once one of them. We're talking about teenagers, and if you've ever been troubled by teens of your own you'll find consolation in this book. Dr. Peter Marshall, child psychologist, and former teenager himself, has amassed an abundance of practical information, advice and observations on all walks of adolescent life. The result is a fun and easy-to-read volume for the salvation of beleaguered parents everywhere. Among other things, Dr. Marshall discusses:

  • Teenagers' transition from childhood to adulthood and the drive for independence that can reek havoc in family life.
  • Democracy and discipline The role of praise and acknowledgement in supporting a teen's self-esteem.
  • Different parenting styles - authoritarian, permissive, democratic, and management by guilt.
  • The rate of change in teen's lives. Remember, in a few short years they are introduced to dating, sex, drinking, driving, and employment.
  • The difficult teenage topics like sex and sex education, values, school, work and play, cliques, crowds and friendships.

As the root of the issue, Dr. Marshall recognizes it can be very difficult to forge a connection between two people whose lives are different in so many ways. But connections are just what he makes in Now I Know Why Tigers Eat Their Young and with no shortage of humour along the way.


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