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"Cinderella Revisited is full of useful tips and starting points for adults and children. It's not just about surviving but making stepfamily life more acceptable and fun for everyone"

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Cinderella Revisited
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Cinderella Revisited:
How to Survive Your Stepfamily Without A Fairy Godmother

Although living in a stepfamily can be, at times, very difficult and a lot of hard work, as Dr. Marshall points out, it can also be a very rewarding experience. For a while it may be hard for the members of two separate families to suddenly form a new family with unfamiliar people or virtual strangers, but with patience, understanding, and a little bit of help, it is entirely possible to survive your stepfamily without a fairy godmother.

Among other things, Dr. Marshall discusses:

  • Dealing with the sense of loss after the breakup of a nuclear family.
  • The stigma of the "broken home" label.
  • Handling discipline and facing the old line, "you can't tell me what to do, you're not my mother/father."
  • The "instant love" myth.
  • The realities of the blended family and co-parenting arrangements.
  • Extended family relationships, including stepsiblings and stepgrandparents.

Both insightful and educational, Cinderella Revisited offers practical guidance to help all members of a stepfamily understand each other, and themselves, better.


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