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Dr. Marshall has written for scientific journals, magazines such as Canadian Living and Parent-to-Parent, and newspapers. A list of journal papers is contained in his Curriculum Vitae.
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  Work - Does It Build Character?

  The idea had a certain appeal, but does it actually work like that for the eighty percent of students who are employed at some point during their high school years?

  For one thing, having an income does not always teach financial management skills. In fact, most students spend their money with abandon. They buy stereos, go to the movies and eat a lot of fast food; they seldom save for their education or set up a fund to support us in our golden years.

  Having a job may help teenagers organize their time more effectively, but as the work tends to be menial, they rarely learn skills that will be of much benefit to them in pursuing their career goals.

  Academic problems can develop if the student works long hours. Grades can slip and students may begin taking courses that are less demanding and of little potential value to them.

 Before I paint too black a picture, let me state that I am not arguing that high school students should never work. If right now your daughter or son is out slinging burgers or pumping gas, do no more than enjoy the peace and quiet. The only caution is to remain sensitive to the importance of balancing the demands of school and work, and recognizing that employment may not be beneficial for some young people.

  The student who takes pride in being employed, uses her money wisely (at least some of the time), and performs well academically is obviously not a cause for concern. But if employment leads to conflict regarding use of money and leisure time, and grades begin to suffer, there may be a need to negotiate an early retirement.


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